Sustainability: the good, the bad, and the “prisoners of hope”

This year in the ninth grade academy, our classes will study questions and problems related to sustainability.

Solar installation, Wayne National Forest

Source: USDA, Wayne National Forest

At times, we might read something like this and you could end up feeling like the future is super exciting, that interesting and creative solutions are right around the corner! Other times, we might take a look at evidence like this — and you might start feeling seriously discouraged. If you want to know how the teachers at WTMC try to balance these two sides of the sustainability question, keep reading. Continue reading


Ninth grade students in Mrs. Boland’s Critical Reading class have been reading self-selected books throughout the semester.  Mrs. Boland and her students value this time and see it as an important part of the Critical Reading curriculum, and other writers seem to think so as well

Here are some excerpts from some of the responses students have had to their self-selected books this semester: Continue reading

Everything is coming together this spring












Students in the 9th grade program have been thinking a lot about what makes humans similar, and what makes us unique.  In science class we have worked to understand the biological basis of these things, particularly how genes become traits.  We have also worked to explain heredity, or how traits are passed from one generation to the next.  In the spirit of spring, we are also growing some plants for a new WCC/WTMC garden.  But, what does gardening have to do with heredity?  Can we really use cucumbers to help us understand something about ourselves?

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