Challenge by Choice

At the start of every school year, WTMC takes our new students to the University of Michigan challenge program.

Photo of students at the challenge program

A game of rubber-chicken volleyball

This year, the beautiful fall weather set the stage for a comfortable and fun day for students — but the day was more than just games of tag, “rubber-chicken volleyball,” and attempting to complete the “wild woozy.” The challenge program is an essential part of how we prepare students for the transition to college. Continue reading

First Townhall Meeting of 2014-15

Mrs. Sahakian

Mrs. Sahakian introduces herself at the 9th grade townhall meeting on 9/19/14.

Approximately once a month, the ninth grade students will experience a townhall meeting to “try on” a different learning situation. The first of these meetings for this semester took place this Friday¬†with a special WTMC visitor and a guest lecturer from WCC.

Students had the opportunity to meet the voice and face of WTMC, Mrs. Sahakian, and learn about some of the many hats she wears for the institution. From answering the phones, to helping students with WCC book pick-ups & returns, advising for the yearbook, to finding a band-aid for a blister, handling red cards & green cards, to managing the dean’s schedule, Mrs. Sahakian’s varied roles guarantee she is someone all of our students will get to know.

This introduction was followed by a presentation by Mr. McCowin, the divisional counselor for WCC’s math, science, and health departments. Mr. McCowin spoke to the students about the phenomenon of anxiety, some of the ways in might appear in their lives, as well as ways to manage anxiety and improve academic preparation in ways that may reduce anxiety. Some of the student take-aways from our follow-up discussion were:

  • I will use the journaling about fears and worries.
  • The breathing exercises will be helpful.
  • Pay attention to yourself, not to what others around you are doing.
  • Remember to calm yourself.
  • Remember anxiety is normal.
  • I’m going to plan out my study times with breaks (30 min study, 10 min break).
  • Build in practice time when you study: don’t let your test be your practice.
  • Make connections between the things you study.

BASE advisors can help students put some of these things into practice or point students towards other resources on campus that may be helpful.

The Sustainable Societies Simulation

The map of Sustainia, context for the Sustainable Societies Simulation

The map of Sustainia, context for the Sustainable Societies Simulation

A major feature of the 9th grade Social Science curriculum is the ongoing “Sustainable Societies Simulation” in which students design their own society and navigate it through a fictional world shared with their classmates’ societies. The simulation officially began this week with students picking their locations and¬†conducting some early diplomacy to start their societies on a path towards sustainable success…

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