Town Hall: Epidemiology

Mr. Anderson presents a lecture on the science of epidemiology while 9th grade students actively engage in applying note-taking strategies.

On Friday, January 23, the 9th grade students and instructors attended a town hall lecture presented by Mr. Anderson.  After studying the social science of epidemiology in their Critical Reading course, students learned about the science of epidemiology.

Key concepts explored in the lecture include:

  • the two premises of epidemiology
  • objectives of epidemiology
  • the difference between necessary and sufficient causation
  • Hill’s causation criteria
Students and instructors actively taking notes during the lecture.

Students and instructors actively taking notes during the lecture.

During the upcoming weeks, students will compare their notes with their instructors’ notes, and will practice applying questioning strategies to the information they’ve learned.

100 Words: A Personalized Vocabulary

The Lexicon Challenge!

The Lexicon Challenge!

Each year, students in the ninth grade program are challenged to build a 100-word lexicon, a personalized vocabulary. The goal is to develop habits of noticing, gathering, and using new and unfamiliar words individually. Rather than being handed a weekly vocabulary list, students are reminded to find words that matter to them, or words that they needed to learn in order to read or understand something they read or studied.

A list of this year’s more notable lexicon words (and tips for building a great lexicon) follows below.

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