Asking Big Questions

8882590821_71c907e307_z(Source: Mindshift)

One key component of the 9th Grade Critical Reading and Social Studies curriculum is teaching students how to ask questions.  We think this is a really important skill for students to have, and recent research backs this up.  As our students are coming to a close on our interdisciplinary unit about the Holocaust, here are some of the questions students have been asking and thinking about in Critical Thinking class:

  • How could the Holocaust happen?  What conditions in Germany made the Holocaust possible?  What international conditions made the Holocaust possible?
  • Why didn’t more people leave before it was too late?
  • What factors prevented the international community from getting involved sooner?
  • Is “just following orders” a legitimate defense?
  • What are the warning signs of genocide?

Here are some specific questions students in Mrs. Boland’s class have generated throughout our unit: 


This Wednesday, we’ll be visiting the Holocaust Memorial Center.  I wonder what questions our students will ask…